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Firing head and igniter
Transmission device
Shaped charge
Under well operation tools
Fitting apparatus

Sand-proof Mechanical Firing Head
Sand-proof mechanical firing head is used in TCP operation. With simple structure, it is convenient for operation and will discharge sediments from tubing to confirm normal initiation.

Dual-igniter Pressure Actuated Firing Head
Initiated by pressurizing from tubing or from casing, this pressure actuated firing head with dual-igniter will effectively improve firing reliability.

Super-deep Penetration Shaped Charge (SDP)SDP45-3 Charge
Super-deep penetration shaped charge is developed with new structure for use where the perforation zone is in low porosity, low permeability or in heavy damage. It improves the efficiency of jet to create super-deep penetration and low damage.

Multi-pulse Stimulation Perforator
Multi-pulse Stimulation Perforator is a collection of compound perforating and high energy gas fracturing. High temperature and high pressure gas are produced in sequence during perforation, which makes the perforation channel extended, expanded and washed repeatedly.

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